Friday, September 30, 2011

Why do we get "Visitors"?

"The Guardian Angel" by Heilige Schutzengel.  A meaningful picture that hung on my wall as a small child.

Why do we get "visitors"?  There are so many things that come into play here.  First of all, is there somebody that has recently passed away?  If you answered yes, then there is a very good chance they are there to make sure you are okay.  Many times our loved ones need to make sure that we are going to emotionally survive with the event of their passing, or have general concern for your well being.  This requires some resolution or closure before they can completely move on to the next stage of their lives.  

Some visitors you may not even know.  It's very possible that the location itself is the reason you have lingering visitors.  Whether it is the building, or land the spirit is attached to.  If that is the case- there are at least two possibilities to these types of "disturbances".  One is residual energy.  Some emotionally charged event had taken place there and keeps repeating itself over and over.  Most times it is a negative event- unfortunately those feelings are hard to release.  Another is an actual intelligent being.  You know this is the case when you try to interact with it and you get some sort of response.  If they are on your property, by all means tell them they are not welcome and sometimes that is enough for them to leave.

Anyone remember "The Secret"?  No matter how cheesy that film was, what I recall of it rings true.  Also in my personal experiences.. negative energies attract negative energies.. or entities in this case.  A person can also be a catalyst for paranormal experiences.  Someone that is haunted is breeding negative energy for other negative energy to feed off of.  Sometimes teens going through tough "teen times" triggers it, or just a really angry, negative individual.  Basically you need to keep that negative attitude in check and kick the leech that's steeling your energy.  It can even make matters worse in the way of bringing about more negative behaviors into your life.  So if you know someone who is in a fast downward spiral, there is a possibility they are being influenced by an otherworldly, not so nice friend.

We can also have very positive visitors.  At the time we see or hear them, we may not recognize them at all.  If they have positive, caring energy, they may just be a spirit guide.  Many children see spirit guides, angles and passed relatives.  If you reach out to connect with these guides of love and light, you need to make sure that is exactly what they are.  You first need to make your intention clear that you only want to connect with those helpers on the other side with the highest intentions for your greatest good- those beings of light and love.  Spirit guides can be many different people that have once lead lives on this plane of existence.  It could be a passed friend, relative, or maybe an experienced healer or saint.  You can also call upon higher beings from the angelic realm for daily assistance.  I urge you to call upon them for protection under any circumstances when you're feeling afraid.

Some of this may be hard to chew and even harder to swallow, I know because I have been there too.  Sometimes I doubt, when I know I shouldn't; but when it's staring at you in the face- it's hard to deny.


  1. After a friend of mine passed away, I had a very vivid dream about him. It was and still is clear as day in my mind. It felt like he was there just to say goodbye. The dream took place in this huge mansion. I was running out onto one of the balconies and suddenly there was snow on the ground. The sun was shining and there was a peaceful feeling. And then there he was,Jim. He was wearing his winter coat (opened), boots, jeans and a shirt. He was smiling and sincere. We walked and talked. We ended up walking to a building below the balconies of the mansion. The building had lawn chairs and a pool. Might have been a waterpark, which would have made sense because Jim invited me to a water park with him and his daughter and her friend the year before he died. I don't remember what we talked about tho. :( I just remember that only I could see him and that I told him I felt funny cause I was talking to someone that no one could see. LOL! He laughed at me for that. I asked him if he was in heaven. He turned his eyes downward and with a half cocked smile, shook his head and said something like, "If only that were real." I don't know if he meant that heaven wasn't real or if he just hadn't made it there yet. My dream ended with him hugging me.
    I woke up crying. I missed him so much and the dream seemed so real. I thought maybe it was his spirit coming to say goodbye. At least I hope that was the case.
    I still dream about him sometimes, although, it's not like that dream. He's usually always just in the background. Silent. And then he is gone. What I wouldn't give to see him in my dreams again like that one time. I'd give anything to hug him and hear his voice again.

  2. I know that our friends and family members come through to us in our dreams. It wasn't a coincidence. I have also had a very vivid dream about a friend who passed away in high school. He was in a terrible car accident and passed on right when they pried his car door open. Many years after this incident, I was thinking of him and suddenly became very emotional, and felt very sad that he left this world so early. That evening, I dreamed that he appeared before me, and with a reassuring smile and a hug, he let me know that he was alright. That he was happy and not to worry. He also seemed very surprised that I was so distraught over his passing so long ago. You see, we were friends over many years of school together, but not always close since we were in different social circles. But I think when a loved one leaves this world, you can have even a better relationship with them, because there is no longer a wall there. You can be more open, and talk to them anytime.

    For whatever reason, sometimes I think people who have passed away linger and don't completely move on. Maybe they are too attached to something here, or could still be looking out for their loved ones, making sure that they're okay.

    Try calling out to your friend before you go to sleep and ask him if he will come visit you in your dreams. Expect it to happen. When you wake, try not to wake up abruptly, you will more likely remember your dream.

    We could also try some other things Andrea, let me know! ;)

    1. I'm sorry to hear about your friend from school. It must have felt so good tho, to see him in your dreams and know that he was ok and happy :)
      I will call out to my friend before I go to sleep for the next few nights and let you know what happens :) I'd also like to try other things as well. I'm always open to the idea of learning new ways to communicate with my passed loved ones.