Friday, September 2, 2011

Living with a Shadow Person

Oh the famous shadow people of the netherworld. Really, I'm not exactly sure what a shadow person is or why they are around but one can only guess. I will share my theories with you at a later time. I think I started seeing the shadow person around 11 or 12 years old. Like I had said previously, a shadow person looks like just that- a shadow, but more dense and three dimensional. The shadow person in my house did almost the exact same thing every time. It would walk down the hallway, with arms swinging at his sides. It was probably around 6 feet tall. Every time I would see it, I just became frozen with fear. My eyes wide in disbelief. I was even afraid to move. Terrified that if I did, it might notice me. It walked with purpose, down the hallway, through the family room, into the kitchen and disappeared. I saw it both at night and throughout the day. I felt the energy it gave off was negative, but it never seemed to take notice of me. I just prayed that it never did. This shadow person stayed for many years. Eventually, my family started to take notice...

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