Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Dark Child

This past fall, my girls had experienced a presence in their bedroom at night.  It started with my 11 yr. old daughter, Maya.  She woke up one evening about 3:00 am, terrified.  She yelled for me and I went into the bedroom.  She said she woke up and opened her eyes to see a girl sitting in front of her closet, looking toward their window.  She said she was so frightened that she just closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.  A few minutes later, she opened her eyes and nothing was there.  She yelled for me and eventually I heard her and woke up.  When she told me about it, I thought that she might have been dreaming, but she was convinced she had seen it.

The following evening, my other daughter, Morgan who is 10yrs. old, yelled for me in the middle of the night.  I got up again and went into their bedroom, thinking she just woke up scared.  Well, she is on the top bunk of their bunkbeds, and opened her eyes while facing toward the middle of their room.  There on the floor, same spot as my other daughter saw this girl... there she was again.  But Morgan thought it was her sister, Maya.  She asked, "Maya, what are you doing?"  This girl sitting on the floor, looked up toward Morgan with a big smile on her face and tilted her head to one side.  Then Morgan yelled at the girl, "Stop it Maya, you're scaring me."  Then she felt the bed shift a little bit, and she realized that her sister was still asleep on the bottom bunk.  She closed her eyes and yelled for me- brave girl I say.  She was completely terrified, can't blame her.  I brought her into the living room and we slept together on the couch while watching TV with the kitchen light on.

It took weeks of saging and cleansing to get the energy back to normal.  We called upon Arch Angel Michael for daily cleansing of our home, and finally this entity's presence left us.  It shook up the household for a long time and now my girls have four.. that's right four night lights in their room, and its been that way ever since.

Some parents don't let their kids have night lights, but if they only knew how night lights actually helped.  If kids are seeing things at night, the more light you have in the room, the harder it is to see this kind of energy/entity.  Of course not always... I've seen things in the middle of the day.  But for those things slinking in the night, it's a lot easier to see them in the dark.