Friday, September 30, 2011

Why do we get "Visitors"?

"The Guardian Angel" by Heilige Schutzengel.  A meaningful picture that hung on my wall as a small child.

Why do we get "visitors"?  There are so many things that come into play here.  First of all, is there somebody that has recently passed away?  If you answered yes, then there is a very good chance they are there to make sure you are okay.  Many times our loved ones need to make sure that we are going to emotionally survive with the event of their passing, or have general concern for your well being.  This requires some resolution or closure before they can completely move on to the next stage of their lives.  

Some visitors you may not even know.  It's very possible that the location itself is the reason you have lingering visitors.  Whether it is the building, or land the spirit is attached to.  If that is the case- there are at least two possibilities to these types of "disturbances".  One is residual energy.  Some emotionally charged event had taken place there and keeps repeating itself over and over.  Most times it is a negative event- unfortunately those feelings are hard to release.  Another is an actual intelligent being.  You know this is the case when you try to interact with it and you get some sort of response.  If they are on your property, by all means tell them they are not welcome and sometimes that is enough for them to leave.

Anyone remember "The Secret"?  No matter how cheesy that film was, what I recall of it rings true.  Also in my personal experiences.. negative energies attract negative energies.. or entities in this case.  A person can also be a catalyst for paranormal experiences.  Someone that is haunted is breeding negative energy for other negative energy to feed off of.  Sometimes teens going through tough "teen times" triggers it, or just a really angry, negative individual.  Basically you need to keep that negative attitude in check and kick the leech that's steeling your energy.  It can even make matters worse in the way of bringing about more negative behaviors into your life.  So if you know someone who is in a fast downward spiral, there is a possibility they are being influenced by an otherworldly, not so nice friend.

We can also have very positive visitors.  At the time we see or hear them, we may not recognize them at all.  If they have positive, caring energy, they may just be a spirit guide.  Many children see spirit guides, angles and passed relatives.  If you reach out to connect with these guides of love and light, you need to make sure that is exactly what they are.  You first need to make your intention clear that you only want to connect with those helpers on the other side with the highest intentions for your greatest good- those beings of light and love.  Spirit guides can be many different people that have once lead lives on this plane of existence.  It could be a passed friend, relative, or maybe an experienced healer or saint.  You can also call upon higher beings from the angelic realm for daily assistance.  I urge you to call upon them for protection under any circumstances when you're feeling afraid.

Some of this may be hard to chew and even harder to swallow, I know because I have been there too.  Sometimes I doubt, when I know I shouldn't; but when it's staring at you in the face- it's hard to deny.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shadow Creatures

A shadow creature is similar to a shadow person but not a human form.  But what is it?  That is a good question.  A shadow person in my opinion is a negative human energy.  Some have ideas that they are also demons.  I have yet to come across a true "demon"... although I have had experiences of an entity to claim to be the Devil.  I think there are some bad people out there and this continues in the afterlife if for whatever reason they do not move on.  Without a human physical form, energy- good or bad, can take many forms.  I believe that negative energies are people that are stuck that want to bully others as they did when they were living.

I have also seen other types of shadow creatures, that I don't believe are human at all.  They actually appear to be animals.  I had an experience with a creature, I want to call a shadow dog.  Now, when I was a kid 12+ years old,  I had a black cocker spaniel.  Many times in my home I thought that my dog was darting across the floor but she was not there.  This would happen a lot while sitting in the living room at night with all the lights off, while watching TV.  This thing was fast moving, no consistency in pattern and sporadic.  Come to find out, my sister and father had also seen this in the house.  They all thought that it was our dog at first, but she was either not in the room or was lying on the couch with us.  This thing was not scary, just surprising.

Another account was when I was living in an apartment.  It was actually my daughter that had the experience.  My daughter was about 4yrs. old at the time.  She told me that there was a dog that guarded the bathroom at night, it was all black.  It would walk back and forth in the hallway in front of the door.  She was scared, but would wait until the dog was furthest away from the door and quickly run into the bathroom.  She still remembers it to this day.

It is possible that these are animals or pets that have passed on.  Why they look like shadows, I do not know.  Maybe it's possible that it's we that only perceive them as shadows and not what they truly looked like in real life.  Could be due to our lack of ability in clear perception to these energies.  Or the energies are not strong enough to be clear to us on the physical plane.  Whatever the reasons that hold these people and creatures to this plane of existence, it seems they are stuck until they find whatever they are searching for.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is Sleep Paralysis a Paranormal Experience?

The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli (1781) is thought to be one of the classic depictions of sleep paralysis perceived as Demonic visitation.

According to Wikipedia, sleep paralysis occurs when a person is falling asleep or waking from sleep.  It is physiologically related to what occurs naturally during REM sleep.  During sleep paralysis one can experience terrifying hallucinations and panic.  They may even think that they were having a vivid dream.  Those that do encounter this state find that it occurs while sleeping on their backs.

Many countries share similar folklore about sleep paralysis.  In Swedish folklore, it is said that it's caused by a supernatural creature similar to a werewolf, called a Mare.  In Turkey, they believe the classic story of a demon visiting during sleep.  A demon, most commonly known as Djinn, holds you down and will begin to strangle you.  Some also say they hear the voice of Djinn.  In Chinese culture, sleep paralysis is known as pinyin, which literally translates to "ghost pressing on body".  "The Old Hag", is a British and North American lore.  She sits on her victim's chest at night making breathing difficult.  The stories are very similar, all pointing to something paranormal.  There really aren't any reasonable or scientific explanations for sleep paralysis at this time.  Sleep paralysis is still being researched.

When I was around 14 yrs. old I had a terrifying experience with sleep paralysis.  As I had mentioned in earlier posts, I had something to be scared of at night.  Imagine the fear of falling asleep when you feel like you're being watched.  When your back faces your bedroom door and you sense a presence behind you.  I never slept with my back facing my bedroom door, and when this did happen I was lying on my back just as the research states.  I had woken up in the middle of the night, but it was as if I couldn't completely wake up.  I could not speak, I could not focus at first; it was as if I was drugged.  My mind became clear and I wanted to wake up.  I tried to sit up but I couldn't.  I started to kick and flay my arms, but it was as if I was being held down.  I felt the pressure on my body.  After only seconds of struggling which seemed like an eternity, I hit my elbow against the wall on my right.  A loud hollow bang seemed to echo in my ears which broke the force that was holding me down.  I finally sprung up in my bed as I dripped in sweat.  Was it a negative energy attacking me in my sleep?  It sure felt real to me.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What is Paranormal?

So what makes a paranormal experience "paranormal"? defines paranormal as pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena.  Paranormal goes beyond just ghosts and scary things.  This includes everything we consider unknown, even miracles.  Angel experiences, spirit guides, past life experiences, universal energy, and energy healing are all going to be included in this blog as well as the more frightening ghostly experiences.  I was considering making another blog dedicated to the more positive "paranormal" dealings but after careful consideration, I thought those that are drawn to the idea of supernatural experiences really need to see the overall picture here.  Just talking about ghosts but not why they are here or how to help them move on for example, would just be half the story.  If you are truly seeking knowledge about the universe in which we live as I am, then exploring all of these subjects is essential to bring the entire picture into light.  Do you think we are really smarter than the universe?  Just because we can't explain it yet, doesn't make it any less real.  Welcome to our true reality.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Mother's First Encounter

I had been seeing the shadow person for a couple years before anyone else had noticed or admitted to seeing anything.  My mother, even after she did have an experience, refrained from telling my sister or me until a couple years later.  I have to admit, she has had just as powerful experiences with the supernatural as I have.  I think she finds it difficult to share her experiences because she, like many others, is afraid of the unknown.  Here is one of her stories that she has shared with my sister and me.

It was during the middle of the day, I had just taken a hot bath.  I was in the bathroom drying my hair with a blow dryer.  I could faintly hear my mom yelling at me, figuring that it was because I had used up all the hot water.  For me, that was the end of this pretty typical event.. but not for mom.  Little did I know, as she looked down the dark hallway from her bedroom, she saw me exit the bathroom.  She then started to yell at me, having had used up all the hot water and followed me down the hallway until I turned around the corner and into my bedroom.  But when she got to the closed bathroom door, she stopped and heard the blow dryer.  She knocked on the door and asked, "Kim, you in there?"  I answered her, "Yeah". 

There was no one else in the house at this time and she never spoke of this to anyone.  This was her first encounter with the shadow person.  Now there really isn't any light source that shines into the hallway, so it was relatively dark unless you actually turned on the hall light.  But I have to hand it to her for yelling at a shadow person and not knowing it.  I can laugh at it now, but I'm sure for her it wasn't funny at the time.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Living with a Shadow Person

Oh the famous shadow people of the netherworld. Really, I'm not exactly sure what a shadow person is or why they are around but one can only guess. I will share my theories with you at a later time. I think I started seeing the shadow person around 11 or 12 years old. Like I had said previously, a shadow person looks like just that- a shadow, but more dense and three dimensional. The shadow person in my house did almost the exact same thing every time. It would walk down the hallway, with arms swinging at his sides. It was probably around 6 feet tall. Every time I would see it, I just became frozen with fear. My eyes wide in disbelief. I was even afraid to move. Terrified that if I did, it might notice me. It walked with purpose, down the hallway, through the family room, into the kitchen and disappeared. I saw it both at night and throughout the day. I felt the energy it gave off was negative, but it never seemed to take notice of me. I just prayed that it never did. This shadow person stayed for many years. Eventually, my family started to take notice...

Shadow People you say?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My First Ghost

To tell you the truth, I'm really not sure which one came first.  I think I'm going to go with the ghost I called "Pillow Face".  I wasn't even in kindergarten yet when I started seeing Pillow Face.  It probably started when I got my very own room to sleep in.  When I went to bed at night, my mom would leave my bedroom door open.  Through the door I could see into the family room and part of the kitchen.  Around the corner of my door was a hallway leading to a bathroom and my parents' room at the end, and straight across from my door was my sister's room.  But it was the hallway... everything came from the hallway.

The dark... I was afraid of the dark.  Well, not the dark itself, but what was in the dark.  I really don't ever remember sleeping at night without some kind of nightlight on.  And to be honest... I still need some small source of light, even if it is coming from outside.  If I can't see what is around me, they can hide.  Imaging hearing something and not being able to see what it is... that's when they really screw with you.  Well, back to Pillow Face... even though I had my small source of light, I saw it.  Every single night, Pillow Face would poke its head around the corner from the hallway and peek into my room, just staring.  When Pillow Face would appear, I could feel my eyes widen, my heart beat faster, and I would start to sweat.  I tried not to fall asleep because I was afraid it would come into my bedroom when I did.  Of course, I could only stay awake so long.  This was my cozy, good nights sleep, every night.

Thinking about Pillow Face now... it looked more like someone with a white bag over their head.  But back then, I didn't know any better- if I did, it probably would have been that much scarier.  When I finally was in grade school- maybe around 10yrs old, I started shutting my door at night.  So, I stopped seeing Pillow Face.