Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Disembodied Voice

My sister just recently had a baby boy, Max.  She had an emergency c-section so she has been sleeping downstairs in the living room with the baby sleeping in one of those portable sleepers.  Sometimes she will go upstairs to use the rocking chair to feed him and put him to sleep.  She had been debating trying to get him to sleep in his crib recently, since he is a little over 2 months old.  She had gone into his room for something when she had noticed movement from the corner of her eye.  When she looked toward his crib, hovering over the crib was a black swirling mist, that seemed to suck up into the ceiling and disappear.  Well, since then she decided that putting him into his crib at this time was not an option.  She had also been experiencing their touch light for the china cabinet in the dining room going on and off by itself.  Since she had seen the black mist, it was doing it more often.

I had offered her some of my holy water, which I wanted to place into a special glass spray bottle for easy use.  She said that she would definitely want it and I would give it to her the next time I saw her, but if something else happened to let me know and I would get it to her ASAP.  Not more than a week later, she was just getting out of the shower and walked into her bedroom.  She heard a very clear male voice angrily ask, "What are you doing here?"  Startled, she looked for her husband, calling out his name, knowing that he was the only man in the house.  She later told me that she could tell exactly where the voice had come from.  It called out from the far side of the bedroom, and she described it as an angry whisper, but very clear.  That really shook her.

I saw her that weekend and gave her the bottle of holy water that I had infused with frankincense.  Frankincense is an essential oil that resonates on a more spiritual plane, it is used in meditation to gain more profound insights, and widely known as a gift given to Jesus in the Christian religion.  She took it and sprayed it throughout the home and hasn't had another incident yet.  We are still trying to figure out who this man was and what he was doing there.  I told her that I would come to her home and try to get some answers, but she does not want to rile things up for fear that harm would come to her newborn son.  So far I have not heard of any other news, but I will keep everyone up to date!