Saturday, May 31, 2014

Light vs Darkness

We were of pure light, born into flesh.  Born into a world of hurt and chaos. We have forgotten where we came from. Forgotten the point of existence.  We must learn once again how to find peace within ourselves, find the light that resides there still.  On earth we are different.  We are faced with needs and desires, which are often referred to as our dark selves.  We all have a darkness, even when we are trying to be our best, it waits.  When we give ourselves to the darkness, we are capable of horrendous acts and only when we give in, do we know it.  Slowly we must wake up to a greater reality, the point of all this.  We are here for an experience and nothing more.  We are not here to become rich, famous, own a fancy car, or even to become that successful...fill in the blank.  We are just here.  Here to learn and to experience what it is to become human.  The yearning we have for something more in life, is merely the amnesia we suffer from having been born to this earth.